Forceps for explantation of IOL's

Juenemann IOL Forceps for explantation of IOL's (Art.No. 65530)
The Serrated forceps is designed for explantation of IOLs without cutting inside the capsular bag. The serrations of the slim jaws help to securely grasp the IOL inside the capsular bag: minimum incision size around 2.5 mm. The forceps is reusable. 

IOL Reverse Folding in Corneal Tunnel (Autoreverse Folding)

„There are several techniques available for a revision of subluxated Intraocular Lenses, one option is the refixation of the IOL via intraocular fixation of the caspular bag, another option is the complete removal of the IOL/capsular bag with secondary iris fixated or scleral fixated Posterior chamber IOL. The IOL has to be folded or cut inside the anterior chamber in order to be removed. One alternative represents the autoreverse folding of the IOL in the corneal tunnel using a specific forceps.“

Professor Dr. med. Anselm Juenemann, Head of Department of Ophthalmology, University Hospital Rostock, Germany


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