Sterile Single Use Zero Phaco Handpieces

Switching to Femto Cataract surgery?
Try the Zero Phaco lens removal to obtain a fully disposable surgical procedure! 


  • This unique Zero Phaco handpiece serves as an irrigtaion / aspiration handpiece for the removal of the femtolaser fragmented crystalline lens without the use of ultrasound.
  • The Zero Phaco handpiece with preassembled infusion sleeve is offered in a sterile package ready to use.
  • It is designed as a replacement for the ultrasound handpiece and can be connected to Stellaris®, Stellaris® PC as well as machines of other manufacturers.


Sterile single use irrigation / aspiration handpieces for Zero Phaco lens removal

Coaxial Irrigation/Aspiration


Zero Phaco Handpiece, 30°Incision size 2.2 mm

Zero Phaco Handpiece, 30°, connection to Stellaris®

Incision size 2.2 mm
SUP01MICS Zero Phaco Handpiece, 30°

Incision size 1.8 mm


MICS Zero Phaco Handpiece, 30°, connection to Stellaris®

Incision size 1.8 mm

 Bi-manual Irrigation & Aspiration

SUP05Zero Phaco Aspiration handpiece, 30°Incision size 1.26 mm


Irrigation Handpiece, connection to Stellaris®

Incision size 1.26 mm
85787Irrigation HandpieceIncision size 1.26 mm


Also available in a customised sterile single use Femto Cataract Per Procedure Tray.


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