Design and Development

Our skilled craftsmen will turn your concepts into reality.

A key to success of Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments has been its ability to maintain hand-crafted excellence, while adapting to an ever changing surgical environment with the latest instrument designs.

Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments is committed to developing new or modified instruments from your concepts and ideas. We want to work hand in hand with you in developing new instruments which satisfy the requirements of your operating techniques.

With our knowledge about product safety and medical regulatory, our experience in production, design, and marketing of high quality products, Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments is the perfect match for putting your ideas into practice. The direct accessibility to the different areas of product design and development makes us a flexible yet efficient partner for your very own surgical instrument. 

What you can expect from us:

In-house design and development department

  • Starting from the scratch, our experienced Instruments Center of Excellence Team is at your side throughout the whole development process –until the Instrument is ready for use.

Highest skill level Craftsmen

  • Looking back on our rich heritage of instrument making, our dedicated craftsmen guarantee a high quality for a reliable and safety end-result. 

In-house Manufacturing 

  • Our internationally controlled and certified in-house production enables us to have an easy access to all the components required for Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments. Through state-of-the-art assembly equipment we are able to create your instrument step by step – draft by draft – prototype by prototype. 

Contact us - We are looking forward to your ideas! 


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